Scroll of Shiftburn

Location: Spellcraft
Price: N/A (Use Enchanted Ink and make this combination)
Sellback: 25 Gold
Type: Equip
Description: Deals light damage with a chance to apply up to 6 different effects from increasing haste to dealing incredible amounts of damage. (Limit 50 Scrolls)

  • Previously called "Scroll of Shiftburn" then "Scroll of Shift Burn".
  • Applies Burning on the enemy, a moderate DoT lasting 10 seconds.
  • Applies noMana on the user, reduces mana usage by 90% for awhile.
  • Has a chance to apply Trolled on the user, a 2 second self stun.
  • Has a chance to apply Shifting on the user, increases haste for awhile.
  • Has a chance to apply Stunned on the enemy, a 3 second stun.
  • Has a chance to apply Shifted on the user, a high HoT lasting 10 seconds.
  • Has a chance to apply Burned on the enemy, reduces damage taken slightly for awhile.

Thanks to Flitterifie.

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