SCIENCE Triumphs Again!


«Scene: Lim and Cysero»

Lim: HA! And the LIMFT is the last bus standing. SCIENCE triumphs again!

«Cysero holds up a bag of gold»

Lim: Come on. Pay up.

Cysero: *grumble, grumble*

Hero: Wait… what?
Hero: All of this… it was nothing but a bet?

Cysero: Yep! Lim’s science versus my weird magic. Which is the best way to power a road trip?

Lim: Come on. It's not like there’s any real need for public transport on Lore.

Cysero: Yeah, you can just /join any map you want, you know.

Hero: Grrrr.

Lim: Ahh, success! I told him technology was the superior choice.

Hero: Are you for real?
Hero: Neither of you got me to Dwarfhold - and you both made me buy your stupid tokens!
Hero: If anyone is going home with that sack of gold, it’s me!

Cysero: Hey come on, do you know how expensive it was to design that thing?

Lim: Progress costs money, after all.

«The Hero points their left hand»

Hero: Give it. Now.

«Lim holds up a bag of gold»

Cysero: You got it.

Lim: Your assistance was an important part of the progress!

+2000 Gold!

Hero: Wait… that’s it? You guys did all that work for a measly 2000 gold? Seriously?

Cysero: Well, we had 3000, but you made me give you a refund for your Ubear token.

Hero: AND the tokens I bought were funding this entire thing?

Cysero: Maybe.

Lim: We were planning on 6000, but Twilly’s always broke.

«Scene fades»

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