Scarletta's Curse


«Scene: Throne of Darkness meeting room»

Scarletta: <Hero> reached my throne room…
Scarletta: And <he/she> brought some of the beautiful people <he/she> freed from my mirrors with <him/her>.

«Scene: Scarletta's throne room»

Hero: It's over, Scarletta. Release them all!

Scarletta: Now, why would I do that?

Hero: Because… uh, you lost?

Scarletta: I am going to practice my crazy, cliche, evil villain laugh now. Ready?

«Screen zooms in on Scarletta»

Scarletta: Haha….
Scarletta: HAHAHA….


Scarletta: How was it?

«Screen zooms back out»

Hero: Not bad, I guess?

«Scarletta zaps the Hero with her staff»

Scarletta: I am Queen Scarletta Tyral!

Hero: Tyral? That name seems familiar.

Scarletta: Do you think you are the first one in 9,000 years to make it up here?

Hero: …yes?

Scarletta: Oh, my poor dear sweet and naive hero… No.
Scarletta: You are just another one of the 9,000 beautiful people STILL trapped in my mirrors.

Hero: Wait… WHAT!?
Hero: I'm beautiful?

Scarletta: Eh… you're passable.

«Scene: Throne of Darkness meeting room»

Ziri: Actually, I think <Hero>'s a snappy dresser.

Pax: HUSH, SNEEVIL! This is the good part.


Sekt: I knew it! Oh my… this is going to be good!

«Scene: Scarletta's throne room»

Scarletta: The people trapped in my mirrors keep me young and add to my power….
Scarletta: You barely freed a handful of them.
Scarletta: It's been a pleasure.. But, back in you go.

«Scarletta snaps her fingers and sends two of the people back into the mirror»

Hero: Wait!

Scarletta: It's over, <Hero>. You actually lost this one.

Hero: Then let me just get one thing straight…
Hero: Every year, for 9,000 years, you have captured a beautiful person and trapped them in your mirrors?

Scarletta: Correct.

Hero: So you have 9,000 years of beauty?

Scarletta: Yes. Is this going somewhere?

Hero: And there are 9,000 mirrors in this Tower?

Scarletta: Way more than that, actually…

Hero: And they are ALL connected to this throne room?

Scarletta: Obviously. Are you done wasting my time?

Hero: Melodia, remember when you said you were looking for that moment to have your voice noticed?

Melodia: Yes?

Hero: Hit the highest, loudest note you can… right now….

Melodia: What!?

Scarletta: ??

Hero: Do it! Sing!

Melodia: Ok…….

Scarletta: Oh please, do you really think she can hit a high enough note to break a mirror?

Melodia: laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………

Scarletta: She's just another pretty face with no real talent.


Scarletta: Just another silly girl chasing a hopeless dream.


Scarletta: See, I told you this was not going to--


«Scarletta's eyes shatter»


Scarletta: My eyes! You just shattered my mirrored eyes!

«Scene: the outside of the Tower of Mirrors, shaking. Cracks appear on the tower.»



«The Tower of Mirrors turns into the Bludrut Keep»

«Scene: Throne of Darkness meeting room - zoomed in on Xeight and Sekt»

Xeight: ALL 9,000 MIRRORS BROKE!?

Sekt: Yes… 9,000 years of Beauty gone in a moment.

Scarletta: And with the spell broken, my curse was revealed.
Scarletta: Underneath the facade of beauty, I was becoming a monster.

«Screen zooms out, revealing Scarletta's true form - the Groglurk.»

All except Mysterious Figure and Scarletta: !!!!!!!

Scarletta: And thus I became known as… the Groglurk.

Ziri: Oh snap, you got hit with the Ugly Stick +9

Scarletta: My beauty… my tower… all destroyed by <Hero>.
Scarletta: … and thus I unleashed my rage upon <him/her>.

«Scene fades»

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