Scalebeard's Demise



«Scene: Leviathanius begins to aim a laser-like beam through its mouth»

King Zelgarius: You two, keep down! We will not be able to survive another attack like that!

Hero: Is this how it ends?

Captain Rhubarb: Not on me watch!

«Captain Rhubarb summons a water wall between the beam and them»

King Zelgarius: What is this power?!

«Captain Rhubarb transforms the wall into an orb and throws it at Leviathanius»

Hero: Whoa! Rhubarb, when could you do that?!

Captain Scalebeard: My Titan!!!

King Zelgarius: Looks like you are out of luck, Scalebeard.

«King Zelgarius holds his hands around Scalebeard's neck»

King Zelgarius: I will no longer tolerate you intruding on my kingdom.
King Zelgarius: Be gone.

«King Zelgarius shoots a laser into Scalebeard's mouth and knocks him down»

Captain Scalebeard: No! You do not deserve your throne! I'm going to kill you!

«Leviathanius appears out of the water»

Captain Scalebeard: Perfect! Kill them, Leviathanius! Kill them all!

Leviathanius: Gyaaaaaaa!

«Leviathanius bites Scalebeard»

Captain Scalebeard: No! What are you doing you stupid beast!!! What are you-

Leviathanius: Gyaaaaaa!!!

«Leviathanius eats Captain Scalebeard and returns into the sea»

«Scene fades»

Captain Scalebeard: NOOOO!!!

«Scene: Hero, Captain Rhubarb and King Zelgarius standing on Screen 9 of Dragon Capital»

Hero: Umm… I'm not complaining but… What just happened?

Captain Rhubarb: If I had t'guess, that Ritual Scalebeard performed allowed him t'use the Water Prime Dragon's power to take control of the Leviathanius.
Captain Rhubarb: But King Zelgarius there severed that connection.
Captain Rhubarb: Unfortunately for Scalebeard, the Leviathanius didn't take too kindly to bein' taken advantage of and got its revenge.

King Zelgarius: That is actually exactly what happened…

Captain Rhubarb: Ayy! Whaddayaknow! This ol' sea captain still knows how to guess 'em!

Hero: It seems like the Leviathanius has returned to the sea. I'll have to let Nevanna know about another Titan running around…

Captain Rhubarb: At least those Dragon Pirates are gone too!

King Zelgarius: That is a relief to hear. Thank you both for all your help.
King Zelgarius: I was afraid that I'm no match for a Titan. I am in your debt. If there is anything the Dragonlands can do to repay you, please let me know.

Captain Rhubarb: Speakin' of debts, what's this reward we be talkin' about earlier?!

King Zelgarius: Hahahaha!
Hero: Hahahaha!
Captain Rhubarb: Hahahaha!

«Scene fades»

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