Say What



«Scene: the Hero has defeated the Love Bug»

Swaggy: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Hero: I… I won?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero with Beleen and Swaggy at the Wheel of Love»

Beleen: Hooray! Congratulations to our lucky winner!

Hero: Yeah! The winner is me!

«The Backstage cam appears in the top right corner of the screen»

Beleen: And now it's time to reveal the Lonely Lover whose heart you've been competing for!

Hero: Come on, let's see who this hottie is!

«On the Backstage cam, the curtains open to reveal Grimskull as the Lonely Lover»



Hero: But why… what… I don't even…
Hero: What do YOU want with a Heroes' Heart Day date?!

Grimskull: What? Can't a lich just want a little companionship?
Grimskull: I spend all my time cooped up in this dungeon, with no one but Mort to keep me company.
Grimskull: It gets lonely!

Beleen: When I heard about his plight, I just had to help! I knew his true love would be out there somewhere.

Hero: I don't think it's me.

Grimskull: I would say not. I was really hoping that Love Bug would win!

Beleen: But still! Two adventurous souls, both with a love of danger and dungeons…
Beleen: …there are worse ways to spend an otherwise-lonely Heroes' Heart Day, right?
Beleen: So, what do you say?

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