«Scene: Shadowfall Castle's throne room»

Hero: Oof. Let's not try that again.

Victoria: Are you all ok?

Hero: Yeah, I think so. Warlic's barrier kept us mostly dry.
Hero: Thanks for the rescue, Gravelyn. You guys got here just in time!

Gravelyn: It was lucky that we did! If we'd been much later, you could all be dead!
Gravelyn: What were you even thinking?

Brentan: We were thinking we had to stop that monster from reaching Battleon!

Gravelyn: And such a good job you did of that.

Brentan: Now look here-

Hero: We didn't know when you'd get here, and we were worried it would be too late.
Hero: We took a chance. We felt we had to.

Victoria: I do understand why you made that call, even though I think it was the wrong one.
Victoria: There's no sense in arguing about it now. That energy is better spent preparing for round 2.
Victoria: We'll have a better shot if we can find its weakness.

Brentan: Hmm. Alright. How do you propose we do that?

Gravelyn: Capture one of the smaller ones.
Gravelyn: Something sentient. Smart enough to talk.
Gravelyn: Whatever it's most afraid of… that's what we hit it with.

«Scene fades»

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