Save the Soulweaver, Save the World


«Scene: Battleon»

Cleric Joy: Is there anywhere the creatures haven't attacked?!

Hero: No. they are in every town, every city I can get into. Others are completely wrapped in webs.
Hero: We'll have to assume those towns and villages are lost to us.

Cleric Joy: If you don't find that key… if you can't lock the Portal to Ravenloss…

Hero: There is no "can't." We HAVE to, so we will!

«Scene: Hero leaves»

«Scene: Twilight's Edge»

Hero: Riadne!

Riadne: I can't – I think – my shield is about to fail!
Riadne: Tomix – He's – he’s GOT to be in there!

«Scene: Tomix fighting a ChaosWeaver Warrior»

Hero: … Tomix?

Tomix: I thought you'd never arrive, *Hero*. Would you mind taking care of this…?

«Screen fades»

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