Save the Princess... again!


«Scene: The Hero is riding on the Red Dragon's tail»

Princess Tara: You listen to me, you Dragon!
Princess Tara: Bad Dragon! NO NO NO!!!!!

«Scene: Hero starts to move to see whats happening»

Princess Tara: MINE! MINE! MINE! Get your own dragon!

Hero: Wait… WHAT?!

Princess: You heard me! Get your OWN Dragon! This one's MINE!

Hero: How exactly is this YOUR dragon?

Princess Tara: A blue moglin gave me this ring and said I could use it to play with any dragon I wanted!
Princess Tara: But I do not want to PLAY with a dragon. I need to STEAL one!
Princess Tara: And I DID! This one is mine to control!

«Screen fades»

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