Leap Day Moglin
Greetings, mighty hero! I am Sosigenes, but my friends just call me Sausage. I only come to Battleon once every four years on February 29th, also called Leap Day! I've come to ask you to run a few simple errands and in exchange I will give you four fantastic Boosts to help YOU leap forward in level, gold, reputation and class rank!

Each year is actually about 365.25 days long so every four years we add up those extra .25 days and create February 29th. People born on Leap Day get birthdays once every four years, so if you were born in the year 1808 you would only be 50 years old (and you'd look TERRIBLE for your age)!

- Sausage's Quests

Location: Battleon


Thanks to Thunder777777.

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