Santa Claus?



«Scene: the Hero, Voltaire, Hargoyle, and some moglins in Frostvale»

Aurelio Voltaire: …and then this jolly elf called Santa Claus flies down from the north pole in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, and brings gifts to all the good little kids.

Hargoyle: And gargoyles?

Aurelio Voltaire: And gargoyles.

Blizzy: Where's the north pole? Is that in the Frozen Northlands somewhere?

Chilly: Does he mean Santy Claws? Cause that guy's pwetty mean.

Hargoyle: Santy Claws? That sounds a lot like Candy Claws!

Chilly: How come he never bwings us pwesents? Are we too naughty?

Hero: Nah. Santa Claus doesn't live here. He's from Earth, like Voltaire.

Aurelio Voltaire: Not true! I am from Vorutania!
Aurelio Voltaire: But if I can bring myself here… from there… I bet I can get Santa here, too!

Hargoyle: YAAAAY!
Chilly: YAAAAY!

«Scene fades»

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