Dancing Bloodtusk Ravine Emissary
Surprised to see me? I bet you are! The Knights were too, and they tried to throw me out! If it weren't for Zhoom, I would be banging on the gates. Even if I did twist Sokrakiis arm into letting me go in his place, I still have an invitation from the Queen! She has a lot of explaining to do! I-I heard it from travelers passing through Bloodtusk Ravine. The Ashray Elves were wiped out…one of my friends, Aquella, might have been one of them.

It's written all over your face. you know what happened to the Ashray Water Elves, and to Aquella. She visited Bloodtusk Ravine during the Solar Festival, and we became friends. I was making a dress to give Aquella when she visited again, but she never did. Instead, the Water Elves that lived in a nearby lake came to warn us that Greenguard had harmed their kin from Ashray…and that they might harm ours, too.

After we heard about what happened to the Ashray Elves, Sokrakiis gathered all the Trolls to discuss how we should react. We were trying to stay calm, but everybody was scared. Greenguard's gotten a lot stronger recently, and we're still recovering from all the wounds Chaos left. The best course of action is to ask the Queen what she's doing, and accompany a Water Elf to help them be heard. That's why I'm here with Durance!

The Horcs are barricading themselves behind their side of the Ravine. We thought they were gearing up to attack, but it looks like they're being careful, too. When I was about to leave for the summit, Kagg gave me a list of the Horcs' concerns to bring before the Queen. He's worried that if his tribe sends a messenger, they'd be mauled for being a Horc. With the way that some of these Nobles are eyeing us, I don't think he's wrong.


Note: Also see Dancin' Armor.

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