Carnaval Troll
Are you ready to… SAMBA?! Dance your way through the streets of Battleon and the towns of Loer, because Carnaval is here and it's time to PARTY! So grab your firesticks, /equip your armored plumage and get ready to samba samba SAMBA the night away!

We can't wait to start our annual Carnaval celebration! I love the parades, the music, the food and especially the DANCIN'! (Not to mention all the bright colors and - and FEATHERS! /squeal) If you want to dance through Carnaval along with me and all your fellow Heores, why not stop by Samba's School of Dance in Bloodtusk Ravine?

- Carnaval!


Note: Also see Dancin' Armor.

Thanks to Apus, Flitterifie, Haileym1, Harrison and .Shadow//.

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