«Scene: Hero, Galanoth and Elius fighting Tyndarius»

Elius: It's no use! It's like there is no limit to this power!

Hero: There is one thing we haven't tried yet…
Hero: Galanoth, do you think you are ready?

Galanoth: Ready as I'll ever be…

«Close up on Tyndarius»

Tyndarius: Give up!!! You can not hope to win against me!!!
Tyndarius: I am FIRE! I am RAGE!!!

«Close up Tyndarius changes into a bright flame with a demonic face»


«Tyndarius sends out a bright explosion and Galanoth stands right in front of it»
«Close up on Tyndarius»

Tyndarius: WHAT?!

«Close up on Galanoth, who is glowing»

Galanoth: I promise, I will stop you, Tyndarius.

«Galanoth turns into a dragon with an explosion»

«Close up on Tyndarius>

Tyndarius: Imbecile! I AM Fire! Your flames have no chance of hurting ME!!!

«Hero and Elius»

Hero: Oh, we know!
Hero: He isn't aiming for you!

Tyndarius: What?…

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Close up on Malgor standing in Fire Plane»

Malgor: The Mana Core is nearly in my grasp! If Tyndarius ruins this for me, I swear I'll--

«Malgor gets set on fire»


«Malgor turns into a shadowy-figure in a dark explosion»

Malgor: I wish I was there to watch you be destroyed by your hubris.
Malgor: Goodbye, Tyndarius.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Galanoth (as a dragon) and Tyndarius facing off each other»

Tyndarius: What do you mean he's not--

«Tyndarius gets set on fire in an explosion»

Tyndarius: PLEASE!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!

«Hero looks at Fiamme»

Fiamme: It worked! Malgor severed the connection! Fiamme! NOW!

«Fiamme casts a fireball in her hands»

Fiamme: On it!

«All the flame from Tyndarius turns into an orb above his head and Fiamme absorbs it»
«Fiamme turns into the Fire Avatar again»
«Hero, Galanoth and Elius standing behind Fiamme while Tyndarius is kneeling before Lady Fiamme in defeat»

Galanoth: Lady Fiamme, you are back!

«Close up on Tyndarius»

Tyndarius: What is this?… I'm unharmed…

Fiamme: I was tempted to leave you burned and severed for stealing my powers…
Fiamme: But then I realized that the Avatars had wronged you.
Fiamme: Lady Neso had no right interfering with your plans years ago.
Fiamme: It was that small act of intervention that led to this event which almost destroyed Lore as we know it.
Fiamme: As payment for her wrongdoing, I have chosen to spare you, despite your crimes against me and my Realm.
Fiamme: But know this, Tyndarius.
Fiamme: The Avatars intend on aiding Lore when it is threatened with destruction from this moment out.
Fiamme: Make sure that with this second chance that you are never on the receiving end of our wrath.
Fiamme: I will not grant mercy a second time.

«Close up on Tyndarius»

Tyndarius: Understood…
Tyndarius: But do not think this changes anything between us, Bad. Even though I may have defied Malgor, I will not help you stop him.
Tyndarius: I will attend to my people.

Hero: Fair enough… (I just got done with fighting you at god level, so I think I'm going to take a nice, long break from you…)

Elius: You seem to be back to your old self, Lord Tyndarius! I'm glad!
Elius: Will you lead us once more?

Tyndarius: My time leading the Firestorm has come to an end, Elius. It is time for someone new to lead us to greater heights.
Tyndarius: I think that leader should be you.

Elius: Lord Tyndarius… Are you sure?!

Tyndarius: I am. And I shall serve you as you see fit. I have had enough excitement in my life.

Elius: Thank you, Lord Tyndarius! I will make you proud!

Galanoth: Elius, I know it was not an easy choice to help us, but thank you.

Elius: It was the right thing to do.

Hero: It's nice to know the Firestorm will be in good hands!

Fiamme: We mustn't waste anymore time, I'm afraid. <Hero>, Galanoth, we must return to the Firmament.
Fiamme: Malgor is still in the Fire Plane, and without a solid plan, we can't remove him without risking a repeat of this event.

Hero: Right! Let's go!

«Hero, Galanoth and Fiamme all disappear in a flame-y explosion»
«Scene fades»
«Scene: Malgor standing in front of the Mana Core»

Malgor: There it is… After all this time…
Malgor: The Mana Core. The nexus where all life meets.
Malgor: I feel the connection to every living thing. Feel their agony.

«Malgor gets covered in a shadowflame»

Malgor: I hear you, friends. Your screams have been unwelcomed companions this entire journey. But do not worry.
Malgor: Your pain will not have been in vain.
Malgor: I only wish you would have survived to see the world I am about to create.

«Malgor jumps into the Mana Core»

Malgor: People of Lore!

«Scene: People standing in front of Museum covered in ShadowFlame listening to Malgor»

Malgor: I have witnessed your pain! Watched as your world suffered from attack after attack.
Malgor: I have tried to prevent all of it. And I apologize for my failure to stop it.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Cleric and Dusk standing in Shadowfall Fortress that is covered in ShadowFlame listening to Malgor»

Malgor: But know this! Your pain and sorrow has not gone unrecognized!
Malgor: Your Avatars may have turned a blind eye to it, but I have not!

«Scene fades»
«People in Embersea looking in the sky, listening to Malgor»

Malgor: I have worked tirelessly to create a world where there is no more sadness!
Malgor: It is a promise I had made to all of those that I too have lost!
Malgor: A promise to anyone who no longer wishes to feel the heartbreak of loss, the fear of death, or the hopelessness of life!

«Scene: Malgor standing inside the Mana Core»

Malgor: I am here to take it all away!
Malgor: I am Malgor, Hero of the Shadowflame!

«Mana Core gets corrupted by ShadowFlame»

Malgor: And I am your Salvation!

«Scene fades»

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