Salt Water Finale



«Scene: Hero knocks the Deva down»

Several Decades Ago

«Scene: Allen, Viola and Russel standing on top of a mountain in middle of magic circles»

Allen: Alright buddy, we're going to head off now. I promise-

Russel: Allen, don't make promises we can't keep.

Allen: I know.
Allen: I'm sorry, we might not make it back and you're going to throw a huge fuss if we don't.
Allen: We wrote everything down in our journal. It's a bit messy but I'm sure whoever finds it will understand.
Allen: They'll know your favorite food and play your favorite games. It'll be like we never left.

Viola: If they're mean, give them a good wallop for us.

Russel: There's an uprising happening outside the forest.
Russel: We're going to head out there and join in.
Russel: The world doesn't get kinder if we sit around doing nothing.
Russel: We want to make a difference.

Viola: Hopefully you'll wake up again to see us. I hope you'll keep seeing us until we're wrinkly.
Viola: But eventually, war or not, we won't be able to visit you one day.
Viola: There'll always be new faces though.
Viola: With enough time, more lonely kids are going to come out here looking for adventure.

Allen: Kind deeds are paid back, you taught us that.
Allen: Knowing you'll treat them the same way as us, we'll march forward.
Allen: No regrets.

«Scene fades»

Allen: Goodnight, friend.

«Close up on the Hero, Laidronette and the Kids from the Carnival»

Laidronette: That's what I think happened, at least.
Laidronette: They went off to fight in the rebellion, and never came back.
Laidronette: Skip to the present and Mr. Noxus finds their journal while he was digging for bones.

Noxus: I was not crawling around like a hungry dog! I found it on a walk.

Hero: Cool, I believe you.

Laidronette: He reads the journal and misunderstands what it was.
Laidronette: There was too much affection written into that journal to be anything truly malicious.
Laidronette: The rest was all you.

Hero: I believe that, no sarcasm this time.
Hero: At least you have being a black-hearted evil necromancer down pat, Noxus.
Hero: Your backbone, while it was intact, was made of spite, revenge, and cruelty.
Hero: There's no room to understand kindness or childhood whimsy.

Noxus: What rubbish! I'd rather you dunk me in tar over putting up with your preaching.

Hero: Tell you what, I'll give you a free ride to see Gravelyn. You can complain to her.

«Hero raises their leg up»

Hero: I don't mind sticking around and stomping on your bones either.

«Hero stomps on Noxus' bones»

Noxus: I despise you.

Laidronette: The Deva is sleeping so deeply. Safe to say he'll doze like this until morning.
Laidronette: Feel free to stay and play with us.
Laidronette: There'll still be time for the little kids to get some candy.
Laidronette: Thanks to you, they can leave the carnival now!
Laidronette: Then, when the Deva wakes up, we'll be there and tell him all about you.
Laidronette: And about the funny trick you played on the jester.
Laidronette: After all, kind deeds are paid back and always sweet.

«Scene fades»

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