Sainty Claws

Prismatic Clawsuit Trainer
Ooooh, ho ho, what's this we have here? Tell me, adventurer. Are you a good person? Do you like to spread joy and cheer wherever it is you travel to? Are you interested in making sure the naughty and the wicked get their stocking full of coal? Well come on closer and let me tell ya about the Clawsuits.

What is a Prismatic Clawsuit?
Magic flowing through their body, these clawsuits can change the color of their garments and armor almost instantly. The prismatic clawsuit is an unexpected (and unwanted) gift to all the naughty beings in the world of Lore. You’ll be spreading more damage than cheer it seems again this year.

How to get?
To become a Prismatic Clawsuit, you’ll need to wait until Frostval (December) for it to appear inside the frostval gift boxes at /battleon.

How to use?
Recommended enhancements: Hybrid
Prismatic Clawsuits expend large amounts of mana to deal heavy damage to both naughty and nice foes. In the spirit of Frostval, party up with friends in order to maximize your damage!

Location: Class Hall B


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