Sai Acosta


Leader of the Technocasters
I am Sai Acosta, leader of the Technocasters. A member of my team has gone rogue and traveled back to your time - with nefarious intent. As their leader, it is up to me to stop her from changing the past… and destroying our future! You are the greatest hero of this time. If anyone here can help me, it’s you.

Oh, that’s right - the Technocasters don’t exist yet in your timeline! In the future, we’re a group of Seraphic elites who have learned to control the energy around us - using it to craft specialized armor and weapons, and even this ship! Help me out, and I’d be glad to craft you some as a reward.

- Sai Acosta's Quests
- Technocaster Merge

Location: Techno Space


Thanks to Frozen.

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