Sabine Bonnet

Helm Smith
Swordhaven was already bustling before all that Chaos business, but now the city's stuffed to the gills! I'll be working overtime to make a helm for each head, especially yours! Go on and have a look at my wares. I just recently fireproofed my forge so there's no reason to be in a rush. We're a lot safer than that pizza joint next door.

My family had the honor of forging helmets for King Alteon when he incited the rebellion that would overthrow the previous tyrant ruler. In fact, it was our forge that made the crowns of the King, the Queen - rest her soul - and their daughters. My mother swung the hammer based on my father's design and jewelcraft. I'm proud of my expertise but I have a long way to go before I can accept a commission like that.

We Bonnets have our roots in a duchy long dead. The previous dynasty conquered them, and absorbed their territory into Greenguard. My family would eventually settle in the capital but others established a town named Verteroche. I doubt I'd be welcome back. They have a…peculiar way of talking that me and my sister grew out of. Ziss ees fahr ze best, haha! I mean, honhon!

You see that obnoxious pizza joint next door? It belongs to my sister. She opened that restaurant and made up a fake name to sound more 'authentic.' Take it from me, someone who's been eating her cooking for years - not healthy. I'm sure it might do something to your body, but it can't be good. Ugh, my parents were way too supportive of her. Sure, encourage her but don't lie that her cooking's good!

- Helm Shop

Location: Swordhaven


Thanks to Tempu.

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