Solaris Knight
Greetings, friend! The Solaris Knights have sent me to represent them in the battle to retake Chiral Valley. The Solaris revere the battle of the sun, light and truth so we have decided to lend our strength to the forces of Good here in Mobius but the chaos magic has also given us the chance to obtain the SOL and finally win our eternal war with the Lunaris Sentinels. Will you support the Solaris Knights?

Near here are the remains of the great city once shared by the Lunaris and Solaris. It was destroyed in a war over the ancient artifacts called Sol and Luna which would give us absolute power over the sun and moon. For centuries we have fought against the Lunaris to guarentee that these powerful items don't fall into the hands of our enemies who would cloak the world in eternal darkness, never again to see daylight.

- Saa'thel's Quests

After completing Zuthier's Quests (Solaris):

Solaris Knight
It seems that the Sol is lost to us again. The Chaos magic was just too strong I suppose. Thank you for trying. You are welcome to purchase any of the wares that we usually reserve for the Solaris Knight.

- Solaris Shop

Location: Mobius


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