Sa-Laatan's Fall


«Scene: Escherion, the Hero, Iadoa and Hydras fighting Sa-Laatan»

Sa-Laatan: Bwuuuummm!!!

Escherion: Incoming!

«Sa-Laatan shoots a beam at the Heroes»

«Close up on the Heroes»

Hero: I don't know how much longer we can hold out!

Escherion: Iadoa! Why isn't Kathool here yet?!

Iadoa: I am trying to commune with it! It's being difficult!

«Sa-Laatan getting ready to shoot another beam»

Sa-Laatan: Bwuuuummm!!!

«Beam hits one of the Hydras»

Escherion: Well you better make it work! I don't know how much longer my Hydra is going to hold out!

«Iadoa starts powering up»

«Sa-Laatan getting ready to shoot another beam»

Sa-Laatan: Bwuuuummm!!!

«Kathool appears from the sea»

Kathool: Silence, you insignificant beast.

«Sa-Laatan getting ready to shoot another beam»

Sa-Laatan: Bwuu--

Kathool: You think yourself powerful? It is true, your Queen is something to be feared by mere mortals…

«Kathool wraps its tentacles around Sa-Laatan and pulls it close»

Kathool: But beings as old as I know her for what she truly is.

«Kathool turns to Heroes»

Kathool: You, humans. I hold to kinship to any of you.
Kathool: I am not your friend. I am not your enemy.
Kathool: I simply answered to Iadoa's call because I will need him for… future connections.
Kathool: The Queen wishes to see Lore destroyed… But without Lore, there are no mortals.
Kathool: Without mortals, there is nothing to keep me entertained.
Kathool: See to it that she is dealt with, and I will help you this once…

«Kathool disappears into the sea and leaves behind the Water Orb»

Kathool: Do not disappoint me.

«Escherion picks up the Water Orb»

Hero: Well that was… concerning…

Iadoa: No use worrying about it now.

Escherion: The Water Orb is ours and that's what matters.

Iadoa: Yes, and now half of the Elemental Orbs are in our possession.
Iadoa: But we must not get complacent! There are still four more to go!

Hero: Right! Where to next, Iadoa?

«Iadoa spawns a portal right behind the Hero»

Iadoa: I'm sending you to Arcangrove to help Ledgermayne locate the Fire Orb.

Hero: On it! Let's go!

«Hero runs into the portal»

So they want to play then? Very well then…

«Scene: Queen of Monsters sitting in her throne»

Queen of Monsters: Let's play.

«Scene fades»

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