Werewolf Lieutentant
Y'arrrrrr! That blasted bloodsucker thinks SHE c'n control the Midnight Sea? I'd rather suck down a barrel of bilge water than bend the knee to HER. And Flintfang agrees. That's why ye see - or rather, ye do NOT see - him… or Bonnie. And ye won't, because this here's a good ol' RANSOM DEMAND!

- Rustclaw's Quests

After completing the 'Defeat Flintfang' quest:

Werewolf Lieutentant
*growl!* … YOU are no longer welcome on our ship. I be stayin' to supervise our… voluntary exit while that dragon-dog runs. Once it is clear, I aim to be th' next cap'n of the Full Moon. Now git out o' my face.

- Rustclaw's Quests

Location: Midnight War
Notes: Lang (狼) means "wolf" in Chinese.


Thanks to Harrison.

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