Run or Fight!


«Scene: Hero, Krellenos, and Gruaige Baas in front of Tibias and Cyntari tied up.»

Hero: Krellenos!

«Screen zooms in on Krellenos. Krellenos turns his head towards Hero.»

Krellenos: Oh, there you are, <Hero>. Just as expected. I only just arrived myself. Making the appropriate preparations, you know.

«Screen moves back to Hero holding up his weapon.»

Hero: They'd NEVER believe I would do that! Not when I've fought for them for so -

«Screen zooms out showing Hero and Krellenos.»

Krellenos: Fought for them long enough to take active part in a rebellion against their ambassadors?
Krellenos: Aided two antagonistic races in uniting to defy their orders?

Hero: I just - I had to -

Krellenos: Exactly. You just HAD to help them rise up against the Alliance. You've been interfering for so long, you should be surprised you lasted as long as you did.

«Hero charges at Krellenos.»


«Chaorrupted soldiers appear in front of Hero.»

«Khasaanda comes out of no where and charges at Krellenos.»

«Khasaanda stops in front of Hero.»
«Hero turns to Khasaanda.»

Hero: Get OUT of here!

«Screen zooms in on Khasaanda and Hero.»

Khasaanda: Oh <Hero>, no! You cannot hurt him now!
Khasaanda: You've planned his downfall, but this is not the way. Your actions - and his - are set.
Khasaanda: I have Seen the path even HE cannot. There is no going back.

«Screen moves to Krellenos.»

Krellenos: Who knew unChaorrupted Arashtite Ore would be just where I needed it? Hah, I did!

«Krellenos raises his finger and shoots a chaotic beam of it at a rock behind Hero. Rocks start following from the ceiling. Screen moves to Krellenos again. Krellenos shoots a chaotic beam at the Naga, causing her to grow. Screen moves to Drakath on his throne. Lighting shoots down behind him. Screen moves back to Krellenos and the Naga.

Krellenos: Ah, my beauty! Be patient.

«Screen zooms out showing Khasaanda, Hero, The Chaorrupted Soldiers, Krellenos, and Gruaige Baas in front of Tibias and Cyntari tied up.»

Kellenos: Now, <Hero>. Face my servant here, as I know you plan to, and try keep her from enjoying those succulent Alliance morsels as her birthday treat.
Krellenos: You can even face my guards for a bit of added fun. Or you can… run away.
Krellenos: Either way, you name - and the Alliance - will be in ruins.
Krellenos: All of Lore will be up in arms wondering who to trust. Who to turn to. Who will save them.

«Screen zooms in showing only Krellenos' face.»

Krellenos: It won't be YOU.

«Screen fades.»

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