Before completing Rufus' Quests:

Swordhaven City Defense Commander
I know the situation looks grim, but we need to stay calm and focused. The invading forces are creatures of chaos, which means their tactics will be unpredictable. We have to be ready for anything.

As bad as this is, I don't think we've seen the worst of it yet. I believe these creatures are trying to wear us down while they mass for a large-scale attack. If we're not prepared, it will be devastating.

If you are under Level 20:

Not yet, soldier. Come back when you're a little stronger and I'd be glad to have your help.

- Rufus' Quests

After completing Rufus' Quests:

Swordhaven City Defense Commander
I don't see these Chaos creatures leaving us along anytime soon, Hero. We're going to need as much help crushing these invaders as possible. ESPECIALLY with that gate stuck open. We should really fix that.

- Defend Castle
- Rufus' Quests

Location: Swordhaven Armory (Location)


Thanks to Apus and Flitterifie.

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