Scarlet Sorceress Trainer
Hello there, my new lovely kin. Oh? Am I to assume you’ll be leaving me and looking the other way? Now don’t be preposterous because we both know you won’t be doing that. The beauty I am, the elegance I have, you can’t take your eyes off me. Hard to imagine you too can be this perfect too but you can. Take my hand and it’ll be your first step into scarlet magic.

What is a Scarlet Sorceress?
A very rare breed of Mages, these magicians are able to weave and make use of blood magic. As for the Scarlet Sorceress specifically, she focuses her power on her Arcane Mirrors, absorbing the life of those who cannot look away for true beauty is the death that soon follows.

How to get?
To become a Scarlet Sorceress, you must travel to the /towerofmirrors and investigate the mystery there. Once done, you will need to defeat Scarletta for the apprentice version of the class, Blood Sorceress. Once you have at least one class point with Blood Sorceress, you can talk to the Thief of Hearts who can help you to become a Scarlet Sorceress OR you may buy it inside the Class Shop for Adventure Coins.

- Tower of Mirrors
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Wizard.
As deadly as they are narcissistic, when they do deign to leave their mirrored lairs, Scarlet Sorceresses combine Blood and Arcane magic for area of effect damage, delayed but powerful damage over time, and self-healing. Their most terrifying technique is repeatedly sacrificing their own life in order to power up all their spells.

Location: Class Hall C
Note: Also see List of all Scarlet Sorceress Armors.


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