Royal Wedding (Cutscene)


«Chaotic Alteon, standing still, and Lord Brentan, walking back and forwards, on Ceremony's chapel altar»

«Screen fades out and in again, same scene»

«Lord Brentan stops walking and a Chaos Sp-Eye appears, Lord Brentan throws a book at it»

Brentan: How can you just sit there when those things keep returning?! They make my skin crawl.

Alteon: I - I cannot tell when they approach anymore. It is as if they are a part of me.
Alteon: Sometimes… I see through their eyes. Feel them watching through mine.

«Lord Brentan takes his sword out and re-sheaths it»

Brentan: I can't imagine what you're going through, Sire. I have no words.

Alteon: If it is up to me, you never will, my boy. You and Brittany will live long, happy, peaceful lives.
Alteon: I am STILL the King, and can ensure that much!

«King Alteon pats Lord Brentan and Lord Brentan looks away»

Alteon: Come. Let's continue the preparations for my daughter's wedding.
Alteon: Purple is such a grand color. Regal. Majestic. Queens always wear it well.

«Change scene, Hero, Roald, and Brentain outside Ceremony's chapelle»

Roald: His Highness ordered it, <Hero>. You're supposed to help deliver invitations.

Hero: Really now… with ALL of these Chaos monsters running around -
Hero: You want me to play… messenger? NOW?

Roald: Is there something WRONG with replaying messages and announcements?

Hero: Er…. no, just - I have this weapon here and it's just -

Brentan: A perfect opportunity for you to scout out any dangers in the area. Don't you think?
Brentan: I'm sure by the time you get back, Herald Roald will have the next batch of invitations for you.

«Roald walks away»

Hero: I suppose you have a point… Your Highness.

Brentan: I'm not that. Not yet… Maybe never.

Hero: The King has you worried, too?

Brentan: Very much. He's talking to himself much more. Flinching and twitching.
Brentan: After he's left the room, I almost think *I* am hearing things! Whispers, mutters…

«Hero pats Brentan»

Hero: Take heart, Brentan. We've never yet had a wedding that didn't end…

Brentan: With piles of wrapping paper everywhere, broken berry mugs on the ground, and dragons roaring triumphantly.
Brentan: I know. Tara made SURE I knew. She makes sure I know SHE knows. Everything.

Hero: Yeah… about that? It never stops. I told you about the first time we met, right?
Hero: With the dragon and the battles and the -

«In the background, Princess Tara appears from behind a table, with a sword and a teddy dragon»

Hero: I'm just… going to go… deliver these invitations.

«Hero walks away»

Brentan: Coward! What's worse, battling Chaos or a playing Knight vs Dragon with a little princess?

«Princess Tara throws her teddy dragon»

Brentan: … Right.

«Scene fades»

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