Royal Rescue


«Scene: Galanoth and the Hero battle Lascivia»

Hero: We've almost got her down!

«Galanoth leaps at Lascivia»

Lascivia: ENOUGH!

«Lascivia uses her powers of infatuation on Galanoth and the Hero»

Lascivia: The Order of the Dragonslayers can have this entire continent, if it wants it!
Lascivia: I will find another cave, in another land, and build a new harem!

«Galanoth and the Hero are still infatuated with Lascivia»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Lascivia is now gone from the cave»

Devotee: Whoa.
Devotee: I just had the weirdest dream…
Devotee: What happened?

Hero: Looks like the love spell's wearing off.

Galanoth: It only stays as long as the dragon does.
Galanoth: Well, mostly. Some of these guys who've been here for years…

Devotee: *sob*

Devotee: *sob*

Galanoth: They might take awhile.

Hero: So, I guess you and Enzio are gonna go off and live happily ever after now?

Princess Cecily: Oh… I don't know.

Prince Enzio: What?!?

Hero: What?!?

Princess Cecily: I guess it depends on how he feels about marrying a Dragonslayer.
Princess Cecily: We've rescued everyone who had been under Lascivia's spell…
Princess Cecily: But she's still out there.
Princess Cecily: And that means I'm not finished yet.
Princess Cecily: I won't rest until I know she'll never hurt anyone again.

Prince Enzio: Oh. wow. That's… that's…

«Enzio points finger guns at Cecily»

Prince Enzio: …pretty hot, actually.

«Cecily punches him»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Cecily and Galanoth»

Princess Cecily: I mean it. I want to join your Order. It is truly where I belong.

Galanoth: We all have our reason for being here.
Galanoth: And you wouldn't be the first person to come to us after a dragon stole their loved ones.
Galanoth: But few have gotten their family back alive, and chosen to keep fighting.
Galanoth: I'd be glad to train you, Cecily. Welcome to the Order of Dragonslayers.

«Scene fades»

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