Royal Entrapment


«Scene: Hero standing in front of Drago, who is sitting in his throne in Astravia Castle»

Drago: Only Darkon's minions would be so slimy, ripped right out of the gutters.
Drago: He even employed a shapeshifter, and it took advantage of my weakness for spectacled intellectuals.

Hero: So, it is true. We all want what we don't have.

«Close up on Hero and Drago»

Drago: Silence! You're a freak, just like them!
Drago: What did Aurola call you? An Entity, as in Being on the same level as the Star Alprecha?
Drago: My progenitor is all-seeing and all-knowing. As for you…
Drago: What are you?

Hero: This isn't about me. Besides, don't you want to talk about yourself? Let your ego out of your big head for some air?
Hero: Tell me what happened back there. The lights, the disappearances, and the Moon! What were they?

Drago: That advisor may have been a spy, but it had good sense. The commoners forget that their purpose is to serve their King.
Drago: Their lives are bound to mine in exchange for being allowed to live on my land and enjoy my protection.

«Close up on Drago»

Drago: When children forget the rules of the house, their toys are broken. Punishment reminds them of their place.
Drago: Likewise, I used a ritual to sacrifice the ungrateful rebels and summoned my Moon.
Drago: The filth are culled, or their spouses or children are. It serves the same purpose.
Drago: A perfect way to show my displeasure, and to make the peasants remember who holds their leashes.

«Hero points their weapon at Drago»

Hero: You…

Drago: By all means, go right ahead!
Drago: Oh, I see you hesitating. I imagine you have an idea about what would happen.

«Close up on Drago smirking, evilly»

Drago: Allow me to demonstrate.


«A guard falls to the ground»

Hero: Stop!

Drago: Haha! Look at what you did!
Drago: I am the Ruler of Astravia and Alprecha's Beloved, descended from her husband, the first King.
Drago: The Grand Star's blood runs through my veins.
Drago: By Alprecha's will, any harm done to me is redirected to my subjects.
Drago: Who takes my pain is chosen at random but lucky you.
Drago: If it wasn't someone in the room, I would have set myself on fire until you witnessed it firsthand.

Hero: When this is over, I'll lock you in a box and you'll have to eat through a straw.

Drago: Or, I decide that you won't be enough to defeat Darkon.
Drago: Then I sacrifice more citizens to summon My Sun.
Drago: What you say?


«Hero lowers their weapon»

Drago: I was right to suggest having you as my chair. You look good doing as you're told.

«Close up on Drago»

Drago: Ha, I think I'll be keeping you around once the storm passes.

«Scene fades»

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