Rowan's Quests

Jump to: Palace, Twilight Slums B.

Quest Location: Palace
Quests Begun From: Rowan (1)
Note: This quest can only be completed once.

Requirements: Must have completed the 'Sending out a Stress-OS' quest.

Pettivox has become much sneakier in the last few months. His lab and office are magically sealed now by a combination spell. We've GOT to get in there, but it's rumored that tampering with the spell will cause GREAT damage to the intruder! I'll show you where it is, get this letter to my mother, then meet you back there.

Items Required:

  • Spell Solved! x1
    • Solve the code on Screen 7 of Palace


  • 700 Gold
  • 700 Exp

Thanks to Rich Wind.


Quest Location: Twilight Slums B
Quests Begun From: Rowan (1)

I have the task of getting Conn up to speed in his studies. It's not an easy task, and as a wizards apprentice, he is expected to know a great deal. I need help getting his supplies, since he can be forgetful. Please collect 5 bags of Shadow Creeper fur, 5 Slime goo, 10 stacks of Marsh Tree bark, and 5 sets of Dread Spider legs.

Items Required:


  • 600 Gold
  • 600 Exp

Thanks to Jo_ker76.

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