Rowan (3)

Necromantic Haberdasher
Ah, hello there, Hero… Of course I know who you are. I don't need to know your face to sense all of the things you've done. So many battles, so many upheaval… I'd be impressed if you weren't trying so hard to up-hold the "Hero" act. I do wonder what keeps you so morally-attuned…

Who Are You?
I'm Rowan Moonstone, son of Solara Moonstone, late High Priestess of Swordhaven. I'm a Necromancer, but I'm not seeking world domination like the tools back at the Necropolis. I know exactly what I want, and Avatars help anyone who get in my way…

Oh, so you've seen some of my work, huh? Yes, the Top Hats are a pet project of mine, using ashes from Voltaire's original Hat back on SkullPunch Island. I am working to see how the necrotic curse affects different beings across Lore, by infusing each Hat with a bit of the ashes before creation. Of course, I don't tell any of my buyers that, but…that'll be our little secret, right?

I gave up the life of a royal High Priest to become a Necromancer. Why? Revenge… When I was young, my mother defended Swordhaven from a Warlock and her infernals… but succumbed to wounds taken in battle. The "Light" has forsaken my mother, and so I have forsaken it! One day I'll find that Warlock and show her the Darkness born within a broken soul…

Location: Darkovia Forest


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