Legendary Hero
Greetings, Adventurer! I am seeking out heroes ready to become Legends! This is the time of year when I search for Upholders, heroes dedicated to upholding the legacy of the Founders who helped build AQWorlds!
Upgrade your account to become a Legend, or purchase AdventureCoins to obtain Classes from the Class Shop.

Legends of Lore
Each of the classes that I offer can be earned as well as purchased. Legends of Lore can earn their classes faster than other heroes. Hard work has its rewards but most adventurers are busy. I offer the option to spend AdventureCoins to save time and effort. All are worthy paths. It just depends on how you see the world.

- Legend Gear legendsmall.png
- Legendary Classes legendsmall.png

- Upgrade!
- Dark CryoMancer legendsmall.png
- Legendary Gear legendsmall.png
- Class Shop

Location: Northpointe


Thanks to 1c3 r3b0rn, Cyberblaz, GuardMice, Malak93, Ness860, Rich Wind, rickyb20, ShadowWhisperer, Zyrain and .Shadow//

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