Room Of Gloom


«Scene: Memet on top a pile of skulls in a dark room.»
«Memet picks up a skull and throws it at Hero.»
«Screen zooms out showing both Hero and Memet.»

Hero: Hey! What are - aren't you -

Memet: <hero>! Hi! I didn't expect to see YOU here.
Memet: I've been getting all sorts of visitors today. That's really weird.
Memet: No one ever comes her y'know, especially not invaders? Gives people the creeps.

«Screen moves to show eyes blinking in the dark.»

«Screen moves back to Hero and Memet.»

Hero: …I can see why.

Memet: Well, SOMETIMES Cysero comes with snacks. He makes a mean peanutbutter-and-pigbelly sammich.

Hero: … Don't you mean "jelly?'

Memet: Nope! But I haven't seen him here since my NEW friend came!
Memet: I like him. Just corny enough to keep things interesting.

Hero: You don't mean - !!!

«Scene fades.»

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