Evolved Leprechaun Trainer
Hope you day's full of good luck, even if March happens to be far away! Or maybe you're looking to live under a rainbow all the time. In that case, how about you scrounge up some lucky clovers and a pot of gold? You'll be rolling in luck, and everyone else is going to be the wrong shade of green with envy!

What is an Evolved Leprechaun?
An Evolved Leprechaun is exactly what you think it is - A Leprechaun, but even luckier! Luck is going to be your best friend through every battle, and you'll get to blow raspberries at that gloomy-looking Death fellow. Here's a tip… do a little dance after you win the fight. Every Leprechaun loves to rub a generous amount of salt into open wounds. Haha, you'll love it!

How to get?
Becoming an Evolved Leprechaun is easy. You just need some elbow grease, and some patience if it isn't Spring yet. Wait for Lucky Day to come around the corner, and go anywhere that's celebrating the festivities. The Shamrock Fair's a good place to start. You'll find the Shamrock Merge Shop there, and have a chance to trade in materials for the Evolved Leprechaun class.

How to use?
Recommended Enhancement: Lucky.
Amharach will deal more damage the longer you've had Keen. Wait to use Slanaitheoir for when Keen is close to expiring in order to maximize your damage!

Location: Class Hall B


Thanks to Amduscia.

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