Mechachillid Warrior from Epic Duel's Delta V
Nothing to buggy for be EPIC! *chk* We say so, we Mechachillid warriors. From Delta V, we think this, we know. Rogarrk here, on mission from Queen. Lore-speak not easy. I not talk right!. You come, be new human warrior for Queen. No harm you, I promise. Is good food, good fight on Delta V. Queen Love meet new wariors, give gear-presents. *chkchk*.

*chk bzzzzrt!* Ahaaah, a functional translator is a marvel! We Mechachillid should be concentrating on harvesting Varium… but the war we currently fight against both Legion and Exile warriors consumes our time and resources. Should these invaders gain acess to our Queen's vault, our treasure is lost! Delta V needs your help, Hero!

- Epic Duel Armor Shop

Location: Battleon
Note: Also see Mechachillid Armor.


Thanks to Malak93 and Tendou no Mazo.

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