Roc Defeated / Bring it On!


«Scene: Drakath's Chaos Portal»

«Lightning hits the Chaos Portal»

Drakath: Ah, Dragonlord Vath has awoken the next Chaos Beast. What a pity that it fell to the hero so easily…. a monster like that would have spread so much more chaos.
Drakath: Dwarfhold is still yours to control, little Dragonlord…. until the hero stops you… that is. Enjoy it while it lasts.

«Scene: Back at Roc»

«Hero beheads Rock Roc»

«Vath riding his Dragon»

Vath: Heh. Well done, hero… but you never would have defeated my Roc without MY dragon.

«Back at the Hero on the ground»

Hero: I finished the Rock Roc by myself, Vath and I won't need anyone's help finishing you off.

«Vath flies up a little»

Vath: Prepare yourself!

«Vath's Dragon roars»

«Scene fades»

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