Robina the Hood

Greetings! I am known as Robina the Hood unless…you might know me from somewhere else? If you do, mind keeping that hush hush? Once upon a time, this rangering business was a flight of fancy, but now I use it to keep an ear out. It helps to get different perspectives in places where the citizens feel that they can speak freely.

Greenguard is a region ruled by the royals in Swordhaven, but it's a vibrant sea of trees with people from all walks of life. Oaklore, the Neverglades, and regions stretching as far as the East Coast are all under the protection of the Crown. As if a place as big as Greenguard could be effectively protected when the King stays in Swordhaven. I'd say a proper ruler should be out in the field with their people!

My regular stomping grounds are the forests of Surewood. My band of merrywomen and I steal from the rich and give to the woodland critters so beginner adventurers can have some pocket change. Gutsy of me to say that right in the middle of Swordhaven? If the bulkily armored guards could catch up to me in the wilds, then I'd gladly put my hood on their head. In short, fat chance of that happening!

Swordhaven is the capital of a country that has existed for centuries, but the current royal family only came into power recently. King Alteon was a freedom fighter who, alongside his friends Lynaria and Sir Valen, overthrew the previous tyrant King. He married Lynaria, and they had three daughters. The eldest, Brittany, the middle and sickly child, Victoria, and the youngest, Tara. Peace reigned for years until…

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Location: Swordhaven


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