Robina & Blizzy's Quests


Quest Location: Frostvale
Quests Begun From:

The Barbarians of Frostvale are known for their Strength, Endurance, and Dexterity. Prove that you possess these traits, and you, too, can become a Frostvale Barbarian. Complete the Forest Guardian Gauntlet in /alpine, the Holly and Ice quest in Coldwind Valley, and the Defeat Karok quest in /northstar. Bring me the Sword of Hope, recover the Sassafras' War Helm from /battlefield, and get the Infernal Ice Heart from Vinara's shop in /battleontown.

Items Required:


  • 150 Gold
  • 150 Exp


Thanks to ShatteredReality, SlyCooperFan1, and Zueira.

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