Robert Parker's Quests

Quest Location: Saloon
Quests Begun From: Robert Parker

Glad you wanna help a partner out. I'm dying of thirst over here, and could really use more Moglinberry juice… and 3 Pints should do it! If I can *hic* recall correctly, there are a few beasties out there that love that Juice as much as me: Warden Elfis, the Drow prison guard inside Dwarfhold; that big bad Cyclops Warlord in Mobius; and Big Jack Sprat in the Graveyard near Swordhaven. And don't come back here without my 3 Pints of Moglinberry Juice! *hic*

Items Required:


  • 100 Gold
  • 100 Exp

You may also recieve, at random:

Thanks to chas999.

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