Robert Parker

Manliest cowboy west of north pinto
Helllllllooo! Have you brought me more Moglinberry Juice? *hic* No? Pssh… well since you're standing there, make yourself useful! I'm stuck in this room 'til this sugar rush passes. Maaaan, I love that Juice so much, and am willing to help you out if you bring me more! I'm parched…

Ask about J6
Hic*…what did you want again?

Questions & Answers

  • Where J6 was spotted last?
    • Geeze, I wish I knew where J6 was. I have traveled all across Westion trying to find him. The man owes me big time after our previous outing. I'm hoping that he'll show up here one day… *hic*
  • Who saw J6 last?
    • Do you really think I would know who saw J6 last? The best person to talk to *hic* would be some Joe-shmo by the name of Jingle.
  • What did J6 steal?
    • Hey, bud, if you plan on standing that close to me, you might wanna invest in some breath mints. Now what was the question? Eh, nevermind, I probably wouldn't know the answer anyways.
  • What is J6's weapon of choice?
    • What is J6's weapon of choice? Um… it's right on the tip of my tongue… OH! Yea. That thing. Requires a permit. Bang bang!
  • What is J6's eye color?
    • An unbroken horse. Something relating to envy. The color of air coolant in giant Mecha. Yep, his eyes are that color.
  • What is J6's class?
    • His Class? *hic* Come on now, isn't it obvious? His crimes are classified as anything but petty…

- Robert Parker's Quests

Location: Saloon


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