Before completing Rufus' Quests:

Royal Herald
Get out! We're not ready for you yet. You can't be here until it's time. Protocol is very strict on that point!

- Go Now

After completing Rufus' Quests:

Royal Herald
Hero! It's about time you got here! The last batch of invitations to the Royal Wedding were stolen, and YOU have to get them back! Now! The Chaos Invaders are everywhere!

It's taken us forever to get the chapel set up and to clear the Chaos monsters out of this part of the castle. It's a neverending battle. Be prepared; YOU are on Chaos cleanup duty throughout the ceremony!

- Roald's Quests
- Royal Rares raresmall.png

After completing Roald's Quests:

Royal Herald
As soon as we find out where the King has gone, we'll need you to chase after him. He IS still the King, after all! Even if he IS Chaorrupted!

- Chaos Altar
- Swordhaven Rep
- Royal Rares raresmall.png
- Wedding Presents

Location: Ceremony
Note: Also see Royal Battle Herald.


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