Roach Rage (Cutscene)


«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

Fhaux: How did you get to the giant's soup?!

Dayna: Did the potion work?!

Langlee: Did the giant eat you up?

Cysero: Does this story have any pants in it?
Cysero: I like stories that are pants oriented.

Hero: One thing at a time kids…
Hero: …And Cysero.

«Close up of Hero»

Hero: It turned out that getting to the soup wasn't as easy as it sounded.
Hero: You see, Once I climbed up the table I found out that I wasn't the only one trying to get to the giant's soup…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero runs onto the table, where a multitude of cockroaches are working on their race cars»

Crychek: Hold on, slick. Where do you think you're headed?

Hero: Uh… I was just going to the giant's soup bowl and…

Crychek: Whoa whoa WHOA! You can't just waltz in here and heads to the soup.
Crychek: Who do you thinks you are, de mayor of Souptown?

«Close up of Crychek»

Crychek: When de giant's cupboard is bare, we ALL suffers.
Crychek: We're all hungry. We all wants soup.

«Close up of Hero»

Hero: OK. That's reasonable. What do I have to do to get my shot at the soup?
Hero: Battle all you guys in an arena, and be the last person standing?!

«Scene zooms out»

Crychek: What? What kinds of barbarian are you?

Hero: Actually, Barbarian Class hasn't been released yet, I'm a…

Crychek: Listen, we're roaches. We scurrys. It's what we're goods at.
Crychek: If you wants a shot at the soup you'll have to beats these guys to it in a race, fair and square.
Crychek: You gots a racer, kid?

Hero: …Nope.

«Close up of Crychek»

Crychek: Perfect. I think we can helps each other. I designs roach-racers, see?
Crychek: You gathers de parts, I builds de racer for ya, and you go and wins the race and make me famous!
Crychek: We gots a deal?

«Scene zooms out»

Hero: DEAL!

«Scene fades»

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