River Runs Red


«Scene: The Chaos Twins on Drakath's platform looking at the Trolls through their mirror.»

Xing: Tee hee! If only they really knew -

Xang: Who to trust! The Hero should try to figure it out.

Xing: Such a seasoned adventurer should surely -

Xang: Be a good judge of character. And speaking of character…
Xang: With this cast of characters, I think we're about to see-

Xing: The start of an epic tragedy!
Xing: The request has been made. Bloodtusk's peace will be shattered -

Xang: And its river will run red once more!
Xang: If the Hero does what we expect -

«Mirror fades from the Trolls to the Horcs.»

Xing: The Chaos they'll cause will be exquisite!
Xing: Everything they do -

Xang: IF they do what our new friend says they will -

«Screen zooms in on Xing.»

Xing: Should makes things VERY interesting.
Xing: Drakath chose this one to further Chaos -

«Screen moves to Xang.»

Xang: So we'll trust in their plans. He must see SOMETHING inside them.

«Screen zooms out to show both the Twins on either side of the mirror.»
«The mirror starts switching between characters of the Trolls and Orcs.»

Xang: The Trolls don't know what's coming -

Xing: And the Horcs can't see the mountain for the stones -

«Screen zooms in on mirror which has frozen on the Hero.»
«Xang slides in closer to the mirror.»

Xang: And neither will listen to the Hero!

«Xang slides in close to the mirror.»
«Both Twins start laughing.»

Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!

«Screen fades.»

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