Rivensylth 2


«Hero defeats Avada»

Avada: You can't just barge in here and steal my success!
Avada: I worked hard to capture Rivensylth for Nevanna, the plan was perfect. The only thing not perfect was-

Hero: Me.
Hero: I am tired of others sending their inferior to do the dirty work. Do you know how long it took me to track you down?
Hero: It's been weeks since I could report any positive news to the people of Brightoak.
Hero: Every day Nevanna plays these keepaway games, the World Tree gets weaker.


Which path did you choose?

Hero: She was going to imprison you forever and you let her get away?

Maevath: But I'm free now! That's all that really matters.
Maevath: Truth be told hero, I let myself stay trapped by that abysmal beast. With my kind of power, no cage is strong enough!

Hero: Then why make me go through all this trouble?!?

Maevath: Because it was FUN!
Maevath: Besides how else would I track down Brighoak's defenders if they didn't come to looking for me.
Maevath: With a hero as in tune with the Lore's mana core as you, situations like this will only get worse.

Hero: But you can sense the Horn's location. We can retrieve the Horn of Celestial Balance and end these shenanigans.

Maevath: I can sense its location, but I know that the Horn will be well guarded.
Maevath: Nevanna is not naive. She knows we would discover her hiding place eventually.

Hero: And now that Avada escaped, she will have quite the heads up.

Maevath: Come. Let us regroup with those who sent you to save me.
Maevath: We can and will save Brightoak. This is certain.

«Scene fades»

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