Rivensylth 1


«Novus narrating»

Novus: Brightoak Grove wasn't defenseless. Peacekeepers braved the forest's harshest threats to keep the Grove safe.

«Nevanna is seen running from monsters»

Novus: Nevanna was our number one keeper. She lead the charge in keeping Brightoak free of Chaos's destructive influence.

«Nevanna is seen holding a dragon egg»

Novus: Stories say she located Rivensylth's egg, a Faerie Dragon…

«Nevanna is dodging monster attacks»

Novus: Whose ancestors crafted the Celestial Horn of Balance to protect the World Tree and their home.

«Nevanna is seen travelling through the forest»

Novus: Alas, not all heros live long enough to be legends.

Nevanna: Looks like we've reached the end of the line, old boy.

«Monsters reach Nevanna»

Nevanna: It was a great run, but I know when I'm beat.

«Nevanna jumps off a tree cliff, but then is taken by a vine»

Nevanna: You almost had me there Aven!

Aven: If you have just waited for backup, maybe we wouldn't be in life and death situations like this.

Nevanna: Now what fun would that be? Pull me up already!

Not so fast. I have plans for you.

«A strike cuts the vine and Nevanna falls down»


«Forest Goblin Leader, accompanied by other goblins, obtain the dragon egg»

Forest Goblin Leader: You are safe now little one. May you hatch in peace.

«Nevanna, passed out, is approached by Queen's Hunter»

Queen's Hunter: Contain the young peacekeeper!
Queen's Hunter: Even the purest have corruption buried deep down.

«Back to Novus, with Hero, Aven Grewhorl, and Ravinos Brightglade»

Novus: Rivensylth's linage has a stronger connection to the World Tree and the Celestial Horn of Balance than any other creature.
Novus: If anyone can sense where Nevanna has hidden the Horn, it's this dragon.

Hero: Excellent story, Sir Bard, but has no one located the egg sine Nevanna's fall years ago?

Novus: We've searched the forest high and low, but found only whispers of another group caring for the egg in secrecy.

Hero: But the egg must have hatched by now?

Novus: One would think so. But we just don't have enough forces to continue the search.
Novus: So we cannot know. That is why your assistance is required.

Hero: Alright, but if I search, it's on MY terms. This forest is… strange.
Hero: I don't expect this is going to be my usual, "run in and win" deal.
Hero: If I'm going to survive AND find the egg without alerting Nevanna…
Hero: I'll need to be able to navigate the forest as well as one born to it.

Novus: Of course. There are many ways to find an egg in this forest.
Novus: What type of searching did you have in mind?

Hero: Let's make finding Rivensylth's egg the first step in saving the World Tree from corruption!

«In another part of the forest, Nevanna is leading her army»

Nevanna: I've lost Rivensylth's egg once. I will NOT lose it again!
Nevanna: Get out there before Aven gets his hands on it!

«Scene fades»

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