Rise of the Water Titan



«Scene: Hero and Captain Rhubarb standing in front of defeated Scalebeard»

Hero: So are you going to tell us what this ritual is, or not?!

Captain Scalebeard: Why tell you when I can show you. It is already complete!

Hero: Wait, what?!

«the Prime Dragon starts glowing and faints»

Hero: That can't be good!

Captain Scalebeard: From the Four Winds and the Eight Seas, I come bearing this offering!
Captain Scalebeard: Take the power from one that has sealed you in the Deep and rise to the surface!
Captain Scalebeard: With this spell I bind you to me as we expand both our domains!
Captain Scalebeard: //I shall rule the Dragonlands, and you shall rule the seas!

«Blue orb-like thing appears in the sky»

Captain Scalebeard: Servite mihi, Titanius Leviathanius!!!

«Orb explodes and disappears into the sea»
«Tentacles appear out of the sea»

Hero: Captain Rhubarb… What is that?!

Captain Rhubarb: It be…

«Leviathanius appears from the sea with Scalebeard sitting on its head»

Captain Rhubarb: The Water Titan, Leviathanius…

«Leviathanius smacks its tail at Hero and Rhubarb, breaking the ship they were on»

To be continued…

«Scene fades»

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