Ring of Light (Cutscene)


«Scene: The group making their way to Jir'abin»

Sael: We must go, now, while the way is clear! Stay on your guard!

Daz: Yeah! It's showtime!

Hero: The magi of ALL THREE worlds are ready to stop you, Jir'abin!
Hero: Earth, Lore, and Za'nar will NOT let you destroy them.

Klyde: That's right! But what matters now is that you're trying to take the lives of my friends, and I won't let you do that!

Warlic: We must use the Ring of Light to protect us for a final attack…

Sael: …And to create a Planar Barring to keep Lore from being targeted by Jir'abin again!

«The group attacks Jir'abin, making a protective shield around Lore and subsequently weakening Jir'abin»

Klyde: Did we do it?

Sael: No. Jir'abin still lives, but we have wounded him greatly.

Jir'abin: You think yourselves heroes.
Jir'abin: You talk of saving worlds from destruction! Your victory today has doomed everything that I know!
Jir'abin: This is about more than just my strength having been stolen. MY home will be destroyed because of you!
Jir'abin: I return to the Void Plane, in defeat but with my life. Are you happy? Your victory has meant the destruction of my old home on the Void Plane!

«Jir'abin disppears»

Hero: What? I think he had that backwards. WE destroyed HIS world?
Hero: What was that all about?

Sael: It means that things are not finished. There is more left to uncover.

Fae: You mean another adventure? Sounds great!

Klyde: I'm getting a bad feeling about this, Fae.

Zail: As am I. It's strange. I feel like if Lore hadn't been involved, thigns would've gone very differently.

Daz: Sometimes a performance can change based on the audience.

Rath: Maybe what happened here isn't the only way things could've played out. In another time, another place…
Rath: …But I guess there's no point in thinking about other possible timelines now!

Sael: We will not be able to use the Ring of Light to protect Za'Nar the same way we have for Lore.
Sael: Yet, with Jir'abin without access to more chaotic energy, I am certain we can handle him should he return.

Klyde: Well we HAVE saved Lore, so we should celebrate that!

Fae: Yeah! We all were epic! Including you, <Hero>!

Hero: It's been great working with you all! Thank you for your help!

Sael: Of course. Perhaps our paths will cross again someday.

Klyde: I really can't shake the feeling that something is off, though.

Sael: I do not feel it is casued for alarm. For now, Za'nar and Lore are in a time of peace again.

Za'nar: Impossibility
There is another world in trouble… YOUR world, Earth!
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«Scene fades»

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