Srsly Cold Moglin
Brrrrr.. it's sooo c-c-c-c-cold here. I wish I was somewhere warmer. I know it's the Frozen Northlands, but c-c-c-c'mon. I'm FREEZING.

You can't talk to the King until you have c-c-c-onfronted Aisha in Guwio Village. If you‘ve already done that, go ahead. But be c-c-c-c-areful. He sneezed and blew me all the way down here!

Aisha? Who?
Aisha is the Frostdrake Ruler of Northlands! You really must go see what it's all about.

- Go there!

After completing the 'Aisha' quest:

Srsly Cold Moglin
Go see Old King Coal at the top of the mountain. Be careful, though… he sneezed and blew me right down here! Maybe you can help him feel better.

Location: King Coal


Thanks to C_G_M and Memine.

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