Richard of the Neverglades

Captain of the Queensguard
Greetings, I have traveled here to represent her Highness Queen Victoria's interests. If you do not wish for me to step inside the Temple, I have no issue with standing here. As I promised before, I have arranged an audience between you and the Queen at the royal family's Summer estate, Balemorale. Once the arrangements are completed, I will escort you, Lady Tara, and your companions to the Queen.

Castle Balemorale is the Summer estate of Swordhaven's Royal family, though King Alteon rarely brought his daughters there during his reign. He preferred to use it as storage for relics from the previous dynasty, and there are whispers among the servants that it has caused hauntings. The Queen of Skye specifically requested that Queen Victoria meet her Ambassador Lieber here. You will have your audience after that meeting is completed.

Foreign Affairs
The Queendom of Skye has been sending ships to Greenguard's shores frequently. This is causing the nobility some concern. Generations ago, during the reign of King Duncan Drakath, Greenguard invaded Skye and attempted to turn it into a colony. My grasp of history needs sharpening, but if I recall correctly, this invasion led to the death of a Champion of Energy, and Skye employing scorched earth methods until Greenguard left.

Location: Termina Temple
Note: Appears after completing the 'Dead Sea' quest.


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