Richard of the Neverglades

Captain of the Queensguard
Welcome to Castle Balemorale, the summer home of the royal family…which is to say, just the Queen. I understand that circumstances between Princess Tara and Queen Victoria are tense, but perhaps you could all stay a while after things settle. The Queen rarely gets any rest, and being alone at Balemorale makes her anxious. Even though they barely visited, the influence of King Dethrix I and his son still lingers throughout the castle.

For generations, the royal family of Greenguard has used Balemorale Castle as a summer home, and the venue for galas. There are rumors about the Drakath Dynasty's enemies being buried beneath the garden, or the bricks being haunted by the vengeful spirits of their ancestors. King Duncan was even accused by his own Queen of dabbling in dark magic with his Court Mage Morgana here. Little did she know how much worse it would get.

I know this is presumptuous of me considering how long you had to wait, but the Queen tried her best to meet with you earlier. Ever since her coronation, her attention has been split between Nobles demanding her attention, civilians terrified by the Shadows, and the looming threat of the Empire. Sleep has become a luxury. I hope you and Tara can understand.

I joined Queen Victoria on her tour across the continent. Nobles are reaffirming their oaths, and communities such as those of the Dwarves have agreed to forge trade agreements with us. Unfortunately, Bloodtusk Ravine's residents rejected her entry. Word of Undine and Sparagmos have leaked. Even the Vampire Queen sent a rejection letter. She doesn't want 'bloodthirsty humans' sullying her court. I have to admit…that jab smarted.


Note: Appears in Termina Temple after completing the 'Dead Sea' quest.


Thanks to Tux47.

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