Rich Reunite


«Hero in Gold Dragon's cave. The cave is flooding with gold and Hero rising in top holding eggling Xergon, that is about to hatch»

Hero: I know you're egg-cited to hatch, but I couldn't have taken enough steps.

Gold Dragon: He sensed my presence.

«The Gold Dragon surfaces from inside the gold flood»

Gold Dragon: I see you brought my son in one piece, I'm impressed.

Hero: Who knew the heir to the Gold Dragon's throne would have such a bounty on his head!
Hero: I take it AuScythe told you of my rescue efforts?

Gold Dragon: He communicated it to me, yes.
Gold Dragon: Did I think you had what it took to be successful?
Gold Dragon: Now there's the million dollar question.

Hero: I've managed to survive a LOT. Rescuing a rich baby dragon doesn't really reach the top ten of "things that should have killed me" list.
Hero: can you guarantee Xergon's safety? There is no way I'm swimming to the bottom of the sea again.

Hero: That's like the third time this month..

Gold Dragon: Xergon's nursery had the highest security watch money could buy. Shame I couldn't see time was ticking before greed stole my son away.
Gold Dragon: I will personally be by his side until hatching.

Hero: That's great to hear!

Gold Dragon: What came of the pirates that captured him? Did they enjoy my son's little curse? (Laughs)

«Scene changes to Phione near the ship wreck»

Hero: I had a little marauding-mermaid held keeping the crew at bay, but after selling a couple gold-corrupted arms or legs, Nubar's band of misfits will be back sailing around lore.

Gold Dragon: And the one that helped you, did she come out unscathed?

«Black screen»

Hero: I think she'll be just fine.

«Change scene back to Hero in Gold Dragon's cave»

Gold Dragon: You could have sold Xergon on the black market or used his curse for unimaginable wealth.
Gold Dragon: Why did you return my song to me?

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