Revenge for My Children


«Scene: Queen of Monsters, along with her children and two captured heroes, in her throne room»

???: Queen Mother, we have captured two of the Heroes seeking to defeat you.

Queen of Monsters: Well done, my Children.

Ninth Hero: You vile creatures! You may have captured us, but you will not win!

???: Is that so, little morsel?

Sixth Hero: What I do, I do in the service of the Heroes of Balance!

???: Ah, what devotion. Devotion is such a fun toy to twist and break.
???: Don't worry, child. I will reshape you into something beautiful. Useful.

Ninth Hero: You will not lay a finger on him!

???: Such baseless threats. Why is it that the ones that are so mouthy seem so… delicious.

???: Calm yourself, brother. We must wait for Queen Mother's instructions.

???: What shall we do with them, Queen Mother? Shall I eat them both?

Queen of Monsters: Now, now my Children. You can share. You may each have one.
Queen of Monsters: Do as you wish with them. But remember his.
Queen of Monsters: These are the people that have slain your siblings!
Queen of Monsters: Extriki, Grou'luu, Sa-Laatan…
Queen of Monsters: All of them are lost to us because of *them*!
Queen of Monsters: Keep that in mind while you… play.

???: With pleasure, Queen Mother.

«Close up on one of the children of the Queen and Ninth Hero»

???: Where is that mouth now, little morsel?

Ninth Hero: You will die for this, beast! Don't dare to take a step closer!

«Beast steps closer»

Ninth Hero: Stay back!

«Beast takes another step closer»

Ninth Hero: Don't!

«Beast reaches the Hero»
«Scene fades»

Ninth Hero: Stop-

«Scene: Close up on the second child of the Queen and Sixth Hero»

Ninth Hero: Ahhh-

???: Well… Sounds like your friend had fun.

Sixth Hero: Please, let me leave. Or lock me up! I don't care!
Sixth Hero: Just let me live!

???: Oh, you will live.

«Beast summons a flame in its hand»

???: You live in service to those kin-slayers, yes?
???: Well, no longer!
???: You will live in service of your Queen!

«Flames cover the Hero»

Sixth Hero: Ugh! Ahh!
Sixth Hero: What's happening to me?!

???: Hold still, child. It hurts worse when you struggle. It will all be over soon!

Sixth Hero: Ahhhhhhh!!!

«Hero changes into a beast»

???: Much better!

«Close up on the Queen of Monsters»

Queen of Monsters: Very good, Children. Now, find the others and show them the punishment for slaying your siblings!

???: Yes, Queen Mother!
???: Yes, Queen Mother!

Queen of Monsters: Two down, eleven to go. So much pain to be dealt.
Queen of Monsters: Eternal Dragon… I will ensure you remain last.

«Scene fades»

Queen of Monsters: I have special punishment set aside for you.

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