Return to the Ice Plane


«Scene: Abel and the Hero on Screen 1 of Ice Dungeon»

Abel: Sorry for summoning you unexpectedly, Hero. It's not exactly easy to get messages to Lore from the Ice Plane.

Hero: But… I finally got to lay down…
Hero: Wait, you look different! I know it's been awhile since I last visited but you seem much stronger!

Abel: In the Ice Plane, time moves differently. Much, much slower than it does on Lore. So while it was only a few years for you on Lore, it has been more than three times that here.

Hero: So you could say that the time here is almost… "frozen".

Abel: I've missed your humor, Hero. I've only had the Spirits of the Elemental Ice Champions, the Enfield, and Kyanos to keep me company.
Abel: They have taught me so much about what it takes to be Kyanos's Envoy, however there are times they can come off as… "cold".

Hero: They may have taught you how to be an Envoy, but you get your puns from me!
Hero: Wait, if time goes slower here, that means…

Abel: Yes, your nap will be waiting for you when you are done here!

Hero: Speaking of which, what am I doing here?

Abel: Oh! I almost forgot!
Abel: You see, I was exploring the Ice Plane when I found this dungeon and it has crazy powerful Ice elementals in it!
Abel: So I fought my way to the bottom and found this weapon made of Fire!

Hero: Fire?

«Scene of Kyanos and the Lady of Fire, Fiamme»

Abel: You see, when Lore was just starting form, the Avatars fought over territory and who would rule over which lands.
Abel: Mind you, the Avatars didn't fight with malice. They are all siblings and care for each other. This was more of a friendly competition.
Abel: However, one particular battle between Kyanos and Fiamme, The Lady of Fire, lasted several decades.
Abel: The battle ended when Fiamme stuck a blow on Kyanos so strong that a piece of him broke off.

«Scene fades»
«Frozen Claymore appears from the explosion»

Abel: The piece of Kyanos became the weapon you know as the Frozen Claymore.
Abel: It was considered a peace offering to the Fire Plane, as it was a weapon that was capable of destroying any Fire-attuned creature with ease. Therefore, it should remain in the Fire Plane.
Abel: In response, Fiamme broke off a piece of herself and created the Conflagration Blade, the sister weapon to the Frozen Claymore.

«Scene fades»
«Abel and the Hero back on Screen 1 of Ice Dungeon»

Abel: The Conflagration Blade has resided in the Ice Plane since it's creation.
Abel: However, with everything going on across Lore, I believe that the weapon would serve better in the hands of a hero.

Hero: So you are giving me the Conflagration Blade?!

Abel: Where would the fun in that be?
Abel: Also, I asked Kyanos about it and in true Elemental Lord fashion, he agreed to let you "earn" it.

Hero: Of course…
Hero: Well, I better get started!

Abel: I will be rooting for you the entire way!

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