Return to the Dragonplane


«Hero, with defeated Proto-Earth, Dragon Priests, Warlic and Drakor inside Infirmary»

Dr'Rader: Stones hold you and may the earth embrace you.

«Dr'Rader casts a spell at Proto-Earth Dracolich, sending him to the Dragonplane»

Hero: WHAT?! NO! We needed to study him - figure out how he was created!

Dr'Rader: You wanted to… STUDY… the body of Ferus, an Earth Dragon who has lived more years than you ever will! BAH!
Dr'Rader: His bones will turn to crystal and will sing for thousands of years.
Dr'Rader: His spirit will soar away from the polluted shell you saw.
Dr'Rader: He was NOT. A. Monster! NOT a - a failed experiment to dissect, you -

«Warlic bows»

Warlic: Apologies, High Priest. <Hero> meant no disrepect.

«Hero bows»

Warlic: <He/She> seeks only to gain the knowledge we need to preserve as many of the dragonkin as we can.
Warlic: The more that fall - the more that disappear - the less we know…

Hero: And that much greater the risk when the time comes to face Desolich.
Hero: Because THAT is who we are up against! It HAS to be. The greatest Elemental Dragon-turned-dracolich…

Ll'Rillor: Ooooooh. He pulls the water away from us, building the tidal wave's stength.
Ll'Rillor: Stones will crumple and windstorms rage.
Ll'Rillor: The conflagration will engulf us all, unless…

Hero: Unless we can save those who have not turned yet and protect the healthy.
Hero: We cannot lose more, and Desolich must not gain more followers!
Hero: And to manage THAT, I'm going to need to go -

Drakor: Back to the Dragonplane. It is the only sure way you can touch all of the Dragons at once.

«Scene fades»

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