Return of the Ancients


«Scene: Gate of Frozen Tower, in middle Karok, strikes with his scythe. Change scene, mountains, meteors begin to fall, woman shocked. Back to gate, Hero is now present»

Hero: STOP! Don't. Move. Again.
Hero: Why - what at are you doing? We asked for HELP! Who ARE you?!

Karok: So much yapping from such a fiesty little dog.
Karok: I came, as requested, with an army of warriors ready to battle.
Karok: Anyone with the power can sense what is happening on your puny little world.

«Karok strikes with his scythe»

Karok: It is ripe for plundering. And this time, I will succeed where my brother, Kezeroth, failed.
Karok: Your world… will be MINE!

«Change scene, to Queen of Monsters in an ice mountain»

Queen of Monsters: This land is so peaceful. Serene. Perfect.

«Scene fades»

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